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I'm Marlon Doll the host of Bachelor on a Budget. I believe that food is fuel for our mind and body, but that fuel should taste delicious, be affordable and make you feel and run great.

Bachelor on a Budget is a show where I teach you how to make healthy, tasty, affordable meals. This is the channel I wanted to learn from when I started to make big changes in my life and diet; I make succinct but fun cooking videos, released every Tuesday, teaching you how to make simple, but amazing food, with tips and tricks to get the best bang for your buck! I'm confident that you're going to love the results.

Cooking is a pretty big passion of mine because I love to share what I make with friends, and I love to eat.. and to eat healthy food affordability, cooking is pretty essential.

As a kid we didn't have a microwave, so growing up, I had to learn how to use a pan and the oven if I wanted to make hot food. My mom always was quite health conscious, so she instilled that in my siblings. Later, I worked in an Italian restaurant starting from a dishwasher, to prepping, to Tapas cook, to Line cook and learning lot's on the way. From there, I just cooked A LOT always finding new recipes and reading the comment reviews to make the best version of it.

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